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2809, 2020

Credit Card Settlement

Vectis provides a cost effective credit card settlement module that avoids transaction costs associated with third-party settlement providers. Any number of settlement acquirers can be configured handling the various (qualified) credit cards used by your customers. With detailed reconciliation reporting airline finance staff do not waste time reconciling to settlement payments. A user-defined rules-based system enables auto-calculation of merchant fees and payment surcharges to complete the settlement process. Reduce your credit card settlement expenses today with the Vectis Credit Card Settlement module.

The Vectis Solution

The Vectis Passenger and Cargo Revenue Accounting systems are a purpose-built, modular business intelligence platform with the ability to provide deep analysis and true-cost auditing of your entire operation.

The industry standard design makes interline billing, rule-based customisation, and the integration of third-party systems the centre piece of your data collection environment.

Advanced reports are exportable to Microsoft® Excel or any other industry standard format – with Vectis, you are in command of your revenue model.