Many airlines use BSP Link to enter and receive information from BSP clearing centres.

Vectis provides an integrated BSP Link feature to minimise the manual interaction with BSP Link. For example, airlines can enter Agency Debit/Credit Memos (ADM/ACM) within Vectis and then have Vectis upload the ADM/ACM information direct to BSP Link (via the BSPLink Mass Uploader feature). Once uploaded, all standard BSP processing applies.

A benefit of this feature is that the airline retains all ADM/ACM history within the standard Vectis environment allowing all authorized users to easily track the progress of ADM/ACM processing (similar to the same process within BSPLink). Additionally, these ADCM can then be matched against the acknowledgement of payment received from BSP HOT files.

The Vectis ADCM module provides a structured work flow process to request and authorize each ADCM ensuring the airline finance department can accurately (and efficiently) monitor the raising and tracking of all agency debit/credit memos.

The module is included as standard in all Vectis systems so that airlines can immediately benefit from these features.