Credit Card Settlement Processing

Vectis Credit Card Settlement Module is based on capturing all credit card sales from various sources and generating the appropriate settlement files for remittance.


vectis-ccsVectisCCS provides a flexible and cost effective means to control your credit settlement process by eliminating third-party providers.

By avoiding transaction processing costs and controlling the credit card settlement process from within, your airline retains tighter control over the settlement process with enhanced reconciliation tools.


  • No transaction costs providing a significant saving on credit card payments handling
  • Handles credit payments from any sales channel including BSP sales
  • Export daily settlement files direct to acquirers (e.g. Amex, Diners and other card types via various bank settlement interfaces)


Removes the headache associated with third-party settlement and reconciliation

  • Flexible user-defined controls ensures compatibility with any card acquirer
  • Automatic calculation of credit card surcharges per sale
  • Automatic calculation of merchant fees per settlement
  • Easily reconcile the settlement process to payments received (e.g. bank statements)
  • All aspects of the settlement process generates detailed journals

Settlement Cycle Explained