Charter Management

Vectis Charter Management provides the capability to automate the charter management process by including scheduling, charter rates, management and automated customer billing for both ad-hoc and contract charters.

Vectis Charter Management is designed to operate standalone or be fully integrated with VectisPRA.

Business Benefits

  • Centralised charter contract register provides customer management facilities with a complete history of each charter an customer invoicing
  • Charter rates management ensures correct rates are applied consistently for both ad-hoc and contract charters
  • Automated customer invoicing means all charters are invoiced on time and accurately
  • Comprehensive reporting on charter hours flown, revenues generated and budget comparisons
  • Airport taxes are automatically calculated for all passengers and optionally recharged to customer
  • Fuel costs are calculated from fuel dockets and monthly fuel prices are optionally recharged to customer
  • Optionally track charter passenger frequent flyer utilization with interface to third-party frequent flyer programs

Key Features

Flexible Invoice Processing and reporting capabilities

  • A charter contracts register tracks each charter with flexibility on automating the invoice process tailored specifically to the customer with detailed itemised invoices
  • Customer invoicing can be scheduled on an ad-hoc, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis

Charter rates management provides for unlimited definition of automated charges

  • Passenger numbers recorded in bulk per flight (e.g. total adults, total children) or passengers recorded individually per flight with optional capture of frequent flyer information
  • Ability to import passenger details from spreadsheets (e.g. prepared by staff at outer ports)

Unrivaled flexibility and convenience

  • Flight scheduling and operations monitors aircraft movements for ad-hoc and contract (scheduled) charters
  • Integrated with VectisPRA allows charter, RPT and mixed flights to be managed concurrently
  • Journal generation and export to third-party finance systems
  • Allocated budgets for flight hours and revenues on charter routes