Passenger Revenue Accounting

Vectis simplifies the complex task of revenue accounting converting your data into effective information to drive strategic, management and commercial decisions.


vectis-praVectisPRA provides a proven and scalable passenger revenue accounting solution that forms the base module for the Vectis platform. VectisPRA reduces the complexity associated with revenue accounting while empowering your staff to better analyse and forecast.

All components of the Vectis platform are highly integrated to provide a seamless flow from passenger to cargo to ancillary revenues.

With a highly flexible and user-friendly reporting system built in, users are able to quickly leverage the vast amount of information available from high level revenue summaries to detailed coupon analysis, all at the click of a button with no specialist knowledge required.


  • Timely and accurate revenue information providing a single consistent view of the airline’s performance
  • Powerful and flexible pricing mechanisms for fares and taxes including a sophisticated proration engine achieving the most efficient outcomes for your airline


Many processes within VectisPRA can be automated to preset schedules to automate the information flow from upstream and to downstream systems. All information captured by VectisPRA is immediately validated to ensure the data meets all integrity checks ensuring less errors and more accurate analysis.

Sales processing

Monitor sales activity from all sales channels including all ancillary revenues, fees and charges.

  • Process sales from any sales channel (GDS, BSP, IBE) in any airline industry standard format such as HOT, ARC, TCN, RET, ISR and other non-standard formats
  • Match refunds and exchanges to original sales to guard against revenue leakage
  • Handling of unlimited number of fees and charges (e.g. penalty fees, service fees), accounted for direct to income
  • Support for ancillary revenues via Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) with sub-codes and accounted for at issuance or when flown
  • Sophisticated pricing evaluation using either our real-time proration engine (handling complex MPA and SPA rules) or our sector fare engine for simpler pricing requirements
  • Automated tax processing for any tax or surcharge (including bilateral fuel surcharge agreements) and GST/VAT
  • Automatic generation and transmission of ADMs and ACMs via BSPLink mass-uploader
  • Handles customer account sales with automatic customer invoicing on daily, weekly or monthly cycles with interface to Accounts Receivable
  • Comprehensive sales reporting and analysis

Refund processing

Ensure correct refund application with fully audited workflow process.

  • Track own airline refunds through our innovative workflow process that improves refund efficiency while eliminating revenue loss due to incorrect refund application
  • Automated finance journals for all refunds

Uplift processing

Capture and report flown revenues as soon as they become available.

  • Handling all flown revenues including flown coupons, No-shows, FIMs, excess baggage and other ancillary revenues (via EMDs)
  • Immediate recognition of flown coupon revenues irrespective if sales received or not
  • Schedule and operational flight controls (via SSIM and DCS interfaces) for accurate flight reconciliation
  • Optional capture of post departure check-in lists to reconcile all flown passengers and coupons
  • Management of code share flights and charter flights
  • Numerous pre-set reports included for analysing all aspects of flown revenues with ability for any user to create hybrid reports with just a few clicks

Interline billings

Comprehensive evaluation of all interline coupons including code-share coupons

  • Compliant with latest IATA SIS requirements for inward and outward billings
  • Automatic acceptance / rejection handling for inward billings
  • Includes FIM billings and rejections

Revenue reconciliation and write-offs

Convert unearned revenues to income faster with our innovative approach to revenue write-offs

  • Comprehensive unearned revenue reporting
  • Expired revenues written-off quickly on monthly basis with detailed or summary audit reporting
  • Generate income faster by converting other forms of unearned revenue to income with our intelligent revenue analyser

Flight operations

Manage aircraft and airport costs on all aircraft movements

  • Track daily movement of all aircraft operations via DCS interface
  • Record flight logs and fuel logs for subsequent cost analysis
  • Assign unlimited user-defined operating costs to aircraft landings/departures based on flight hours, block hours and more
  • Report on operating costs and compare to flown revenues for profitability reporting

Finance journals

Detailed history retained of all generated journals to assist with audit and reconciliation

  • All journals generated at the coupon/tax level
  • Detailed flown revenue journals by route, aircraft or aircraft type or any combination thereof
  • User-defined finance links provides complete flexibility over the journal allocation process – irrespective of the finance system being used
  • Interface to numerous finance systems – additional interfaces available, as required