Legacy Carrier

Legacy carriers face a multitude of challenges from competitive pressures to regulatory and statutory compliance. Strict reporting time frames mean finance departments must respond quickly and accurately.

Vectis revenue accounting provides a range of solutions that integrate with many of your airline’s downstream and upstream systems to automate the electronic flow of information to maintain a consistent view of the business. By eliminating manual processes, Vectis ensures airline’s gain a holistic view of their business improving strategic and operational decision making.


Revenue accounting is a complex mix of vast amounts of information, integrated processes and interactions that requires a high degree of expertise. Vectis simplifies the complexity by presenting the information and organising the multitude processes in a user-friendly and logical manner improving the productivity of your staff.


Industry standard interfaces ensure compliance with the latest IATA SIS for interline billings and latest BSP formats (DISH 22.0 and prior) for sales.

  • Support for EMDs allows all ancillary revenues to be accounted for at issuance or when flown.